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Interested in partnering with Lighthouse Ministries to serve the poor and at risk population of west-central Florida?  There are numerous ways you can be involved!  Fill out the application below, and we will get back to you within one business day regarding how you can help.  While we have many ways you can serve, often needs arise that may be outside of your interest.  We do our best to accommodate everyone, but appreciate your flexibility as we work together to make an impact on our community!


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RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS I (we) release and hold harmless Lighthouse Ministries, Inc., its officers, members, employees, volunteers, agents or assigns from any and all liability including - but not limited to - personal injury, death, property loss, damage or other loss suffered or sustained by me (us) while on the premises or in connection with the receipt of the aforementioned items, and further covenant and agree for myself (us) (ours) heirs, executors, administrators and assigns not to seek civil remedy in any court of law against Lighthouse Ministries, Inc. or its officers, members, employees, volunteers, agents or assigns relating to or arising from the receipt of the aforementioned items. CONSENT TO BINDING ARBITRATION I (we) fully understand that any and all disputes and causes of action, whether in contract or tort, relating to or arising from Lighthouse Ministries, Inc. shall be resolved by binding arbitration according to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Arbitration shall take place in Polk County, Florida. Each party shall bear their own attorneys fees and costs. I (we) waive my (our) right to a trial by jury or by the court and further waive my (our) right to seek any civil remedy in a court of law. I (we) have read this paragraph and understand that by executing below, I (we) are waiving important legal rights. MISSION STATEMENT I have read, understood and agree with Lighthouse Ministries’ Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values, and Pathways. I understand that as a volunteer at lighthouse Ministries, I will not be paid for my services and I will volunteer my time, abilities, and talents. I will respect any resident’s confidential information to which I may have access. I will respect the privacy and anonymity of the residents of lighthouse Ministries and agree not to use such information without a prior release form signed by the resident.
I hereby allow Lighthouse Ministries, inc. to perform background checks if needed for volunteering: