What is the FOCUS of S.O.S. right now?

 The focus is for you to give hope and help with Time, Talent and Treasure:


•Become a mentor to the women and children in the program.

•Commit to Mentoring one on one at least once a week to an individual lady or child.

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Mentor Handbook


•Help Empower women with professional, life sustaining and vocational skills and bring needed resources to the Women’s Shelter.

•Help women develop interpersonal skills, dress for success, etc.

•Help organize professional women clothing drives, children’s books, cleaning supplies etc.

•Connect businesses to help open job opportunities for these women graduates.

Mommy & Me Flyer


•Raise funds for women and children’s shelter needs, expansion, and maintenance.

 •Commit to giving $20 or more first gift and then $10 or more a month (please use CC or EFT).

 •Commit to help promote/organize several "fun"d-raisers per year.

 •Commit to raise scholarship funding. 

•Help meet annual goal to raise $20,000+/-.


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