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Success Sheltering/ Residential Life Learning Program

We take a unique holistic approach to meeting the needs of an individual's mind, body, and soul, providing food, clothing, shelter, education, referral services, on-site job training, career advancement training, counseling, case management, discipleship, and structured classes in budgeting, parenting, and spiritual growth all within one central location. There are no fees associated with the program since all of a resident's needs are met free-of-charge and the program is 14-24 months.

The Jay & Eloise Troxel Family Life Center for Women & Children assists victims of domestic violence, homelessness, and destructive lifestyles. The program provides direction, encouragement, accountability, and discipline to help bring about positive changes within the residents' lives. The Emmanuel Program is designed to help men overcome their addictions and live their lives under the leadership of Jesus Christ.

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My life has been blessed beyond measure since the day I walked into the front door of the Lighthouse Ministries back in 2008.
I transitioned out of the program in 2010.
I just celebrated seven years of sobriety.
I am a father. I am a husband. I am a college graduate with a full-time  job.
I am a homeowner. I am a  child of God.


I’ve been doing great since I transitioned out of Lighthouse in 2014. I’m still working, in the same apartment, ahead on all my bills and my family and I are closer
than ever...I’m still attending church
and starting the process of getting
back into college.


I came to Lighthouse eight years ago, broken and addicted, and completed the program in 2010. I have learned and experienced forgiveness and unconditional love! I can now say only by the grace of God I have been clean for seven years.
My children and I have a safe home, I have my own vehicle. I work full-time at Lighthouse and am involved in church.
To God be the glory!


I completed the program in 2015 and have been clean and sober. My relationship with my family has never been better. I work a part-time job while going to college...
If I follow God, nothing will
take me down.

Help Even the Youngest in the Homeless Community

Lighthouse Ministries in West Central Florida, is reaching the youngest members of the homeless community with spiritual education. As women and children come into the program, we strive to give them the best care we can.

Most children have endured years of inconsistency, instability, and, in many cases, abuse and neglect.


Community Preschool

Since opening in September 2003, Lighthouse Community Preschool has been successful in enriching the lives of families in our community. The preschool is open for the residents of Lighthouse Ministries as well as the general community. The preschool strives to reach children with the love of Jesus. Children five-years-old and younger can attend the Lighthouse Ministries Community Preschool. Here, they will learn comprehensive skills, regain balance, and experience love and support from an experienced staff.

KIDcare After School

Lighthouse KIDcare provides counseling, case management, academic tutoring and training, and peer interaction. The Hobbs Foundation Kids Technology Center gives children the opportunity to learn computer skills, complete their homework, receive additional tutoring, and interact with other students via games and crafts after school.

Adult Education

The Education pathway provides our residents the opportunity to earn their highschool diploma, enhance their memorization and learning skills, prepare for future employment, and continue their vocational and college endeavors.

Career Center

The Career Center operates to assist residents with building their resume, honing their job searching skills, and pursuing higher education. For high school graduates, the center offers refresher courses in English, math, and memory. These courses allow residents to maintain their job skills while searching for employment.


The George W. Jenkins Center of Learning

The Education and Career Center uses the NOVA Program (Innovative Learning Systems) as its primary training and educational tool. The program is being used in over 200 missions throughout the United States and Canada. The computer based curriculum focuses on reading, writing and math. They also can obtain a high school diploma by preparing for the GED exam.
Residents are required to participate in The Learning Center during their first phase of residency.  Classes are held several times a week and must be completed before a resident can move on to the next phase of the program.


Required Courses

Residential rehabilitation program courses are required during the rehabilitation program. They include Recover for Life, Family Integrity Training (Anger Management, Relationships, Economics, Decision Making, Personal Integrity, and Parenting) Bible Study, and Internship. If you would like to become a resident, you may apply here.

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(December 2015)

“I’ve been in Lakeland all my life,” Donny shares.  “I was married and have been pretty successful at building homes.  But after my divorce, everything went downhill.”

Already suffering from anxiety, Donny’s emotional turmoil sent him running for anything that would take away the stress.  Unfortunately, he turned to what so many people choose to numb the pain in their life…

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(September 2015)

“I had given up everything for alcohol,” Steve admits.  “Now, with Jesus in my life, I’m grounded, centered and physically healthy.  Before, I just couldn’t stay sober, but now I can rely on God for everything.”

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