Below are just a few of the stories of how lives are being changed by the Power of God and your generosity!


Two years ago I was living in a hell of my own creation. I was highly addicted to drugs and alcohol. At 6 foot, 3 inches I was at an unhealthy 145 lb. My obsession with drugs and alcohol led to the loss of my job, vehicle, marriage, and ultimately lead to homelessness. 

Since attending Lighthouse I have developed a true love for Christ and his word. I attend classes and bible studies that help me build a strong relationship with my Lord and Savior, build better healthy relationships, boundaries, and work ethic.  I go to church on Sunday not because I have to but for the sake of knowing him more and worshiping his name.  Currently, I am working on my GED to better my self academically. I also have intentions to see my son and build a relationship with him. I know I will not be able to do this on my own and that it won’t be easy to stay on the straight and narrow, but with Christ on my side and him as my focus I know it is possible. I stay focused on Matthew 16:24-25 “Jesus said to his disciples, if anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. ”


Before I came to Lighthouse Ministries I was addicted to prescription drugs. I basically locked myself in my room for two years straight. I only came out to eat and to shower. My depression became so great I could not bear it anymore. I ended up taking an overdose of valium and alcohol to ease my pain, or check out, one of the two. I ended up in the hospital in the psychiatric unit. It sounds bad, but that’s where I detoxed off of prescription drugs. That’s where my sober journey began. I went in and out of hospitals basically to keep a roof over my head. Then I moved back to my mom’s and managed to stay sober for one year.

I found Lighthouse Ministries through the Women’s Resource Center. I wanted to stay sober and become independent again. I was tired of the revolving door of homelessness and addiction, so I came to Lighthouse for help.

Lighthouse has helped me in so many ways. First and foremost, it has helped me build a relationship with Jesus Christ. Second, the classes have really helped me build my self-esteem. Third, I feel secure that Lighthouse will be my pathway to a brighter future. A future without drugs. A future with a job and independence.


I’ve had a drinking problem since I was about fifteen years old. Good times and bad times… mostly bad.  A couple of DUI’s, a couple of failed marriages and many alcohol-related arrests. About ten years ago, I had a secure job. Then the recession came and I lost my job. I had to move in with Mom.

She was helping me financially and I was helping her, as she was up on age and legally blind. I would take her to shop and to the doctor, but I continued drinking. After a few years, Mom’s eyes started getting worse. I did almost all of the cooking. She also started getting forgetful and I had to start writing checks for her.

Then after about seven years had passed, DCF accused me of mishandling Mom’s money. I showed them receipts and checkbooks, but DCF decided Mom needed to be in a nursing facility, so we went to court. The court ordered the house and contents to be sold to pay for Mom’s care and I had to leave the house per court order. Then I was homeless. That was almost three years ago and brings me to this point.

Since joining the men’s program here at Lighthouse, I have gotten closer to God. With a clearer mind, I have been able to delve into my inner self. I have studied my childhood and found out why I am the way I am. 

I have been reading the Bible on a regular basis. Sometimes I can hardly put it down. I find certain areas or verses that relate to today’s society and my own life.

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