Homeless Assistance

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Get a Fresh Start at Our Gospel Rescue Mission

The Lighthouse Ministries Men's Rescue Mission is equipped to serve the homeless and at-risk in West Central Florida. Doors open at 3:30 p.m. daily to serve those who need a meal, a hot shower, and a warm bed. T

During their stay, there is an evening chapel service where local pastors share the gospel message. All are served two hearty snacks, a hot dinner and breakfast, along with a new change of clothes during their stay.

Overnight guests receive three free nights a month, normally taken the first three nights of the month.  The nightly fee is $7 per night after that, though dinner and chapel services are served at no charge. Women and children are welcome to attend our chapel service and dinner, but only men may stay overnight. Counseling and discipleship are available.

Compassion Cards

Compassion Cards

When an individual calls 855.4.CHANGE (242643), they will be referred toward the resources they need and provided with transportation to food and shelter. With the help of community partners such as Salvation Army, Talbot House, the City of Lakeland and The Mission of Winter Haven, those who make the Compassion Call will be provided with assistance and be guided in a direction of hope. The community is still able to distribute the Compassion Card to individuals they encounter in need.

How to use the Compassion Card?

The Compassion Card can be given to anyone who asks for help. When you are approached by a panhandler asking for money, you can simply hand them the Card. Lighthouse Ministries will facilitate transportation.

1. Every person receiving the card should be treated with the utmost respect.

2. When approached by a panhandler, do not attempt to judge their motives. Assume they truly need food, clothing, or shelter.

3. Giving money or goods to a panhandler is not always in their best interest. Giving the Compassion Card and explaining the services available with it is offering true help!

4. Be prepared for a variety of responses (anger, frustration, thanks, etc.).

How do I get the Compassion Card?

The Card is our gift to you and they are free of charge.
CLICK HERE to get the Compassion Card.

If you would like to make a gift to Lighthouse Ministries to support the life-giving services a Compassion Card user will receive, we would appreciate your generosity and support. Click on the “Donate” button below to make your gift online today or click here.

Hydroponics Feeding the Homeless

What started as a goal to grow our own produce has thrived into a ministry capable of feeding many of our homeless residents and guests on a year-round basis. It's rare for the homeless to receive fresh vegetables and fruit, and the hydroponic garden can handle nearly 7,000 plants. One acre of hydroponics is equivalent to 25 acres of traditional farming. We can grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables while providing work therapy opportunities.